Your Words Remix Contest

Track: Leo Salom - Your Words (Aren't Worth My While)
Closing: 18 April 2019
Genres: Deep House , Funk ,


1. Cash prize of $200 for the top winner.



1. Winners will be decided by Leo Salom
2. All Genres accepted but only Future House submissions will be considered to be released and promoted by Regolare Records
3. Post full tracks, no previews or "work in progress" - Mp3 320kbps or wav accepted, unmastered or home mastered. (Winning entries must be able to supply unmastered wav file).
4. Do not allow your entry to be uploaded/downloaded from social media sites or Youtube
5. Do not use these stems for any original material.
6. Original rights holders will retain 100% of the master, and publishing will be split with original rights holders. By participating in this contest you acknowledge and accept these terms.