Track: Danny Darko - Summertime Sadness ft Hannah Koski
Closing: 01 April 2021
Genres: Nu Disco , Dance ,


Winner and runners-up will get an official release on Oryx Music and distributed to Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital stores. Winner will be also extensively promoted by Oryx Music to blogs, djs, spotify playlists and Beatport. Lots of winner of past contests, thanks to this extensive promo, ended up in Beatport Top 100 and even top 10. Winning Remix will be exposed to Danny’s fan base on Spotify (20 millions streams) that will generate lots of streams.


All genres allowed. Winner will be selected by a team including label and artist. We will also take into consideration the popularity reached on the web by your remix. The more you promote it, the more it can catch the attention of the judges. You are allowed to share the remix on YouTube, soundcloud, vimeo and all socials for promo purposes, always include artist social & links . You are allowed to send it to blogs and YouTube promotional channel, but monetization must be turned off.
All remix submitted to the contest become property of Oryx Music, and by submitting your track and sending it to oryx music label, you accept this. No royalties will be due to remixers. DO NOT USE STEMS ON YOUR OWN ORIGINAL TRACKS! DO NOT RELEASE YOUR REMIX ON SPOTIFY, BEATPORT AND STORES! DO NOT MONETIZE !
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Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
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