Now Or Never Remix Contest

Track: Luk Feat. BAER - Now Or Never
Closing: 18 December 2019
Genres: Deep House , Edm ,


We will officially release the best 4 Tracks. This will be released worldwide on all plattforms and we will also promote it on our social media accounts. This will help you get discovered too. You will also be considered to do a collab in the future.


With this release we almost have 600k streams aroun the world.
Now everyone can attend, you are able to use the vocals only for the official remix. You are not allowed to upload use any content of the track and release it by your own or uzpload it to any other plattform nor use it on youtube. You can use the vocals and create soemthing totally new. You don't need to use every stem I provide. We are excited to hear from you.

Importent things must be:
WAV Files, 16 or 24 Bit - Sample Rate 44.1Khz
Please use WETransfer to send the finished track using our Email address
Dont forget to add to message before sending, YOur Email, Name contact Info!

Last Note: end finished ready for release tracks!
Good Luck & Have Fun

Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
For complete information of remix event visit this website