Kamille Louis Remix contest

Track: Kamille Louis - Still Waiting
Closing: 06 November 2016

The winners of " KAMILLE LOUIS REMIX CONTEST" are :

1st >>> Chris Ojeda
2nd >>> Max ill
3rd >>> Heather

Thx to all for your participation and your creativity & thx to D16, Landr for prizes...



1st prize:
+ release on Canal Auditif records
+ D16 Group Audio Software Total Bundle (675 €)
+ 2 free masterings by Canal Auditif studio (analogue quality)
+ 4 free merch from Canal Auditif (1 t-shirt, 3 vinyls collectors)
+1 Year Pro LANDR mastering membership ($299)

2nd prize:
+ D16 Group Audio Software ClassicBoxes (299 €)
+ 1 free mastering by Canal Auditif studio (analogue quality)
+ 1 free merch from Canal Auditif (1 t-shirt or vinyl)

3rd prize:
+ D16 Group Audio Software Siverline (199 €)
+1 free merch from Canal Auditif (1 t-shirt or vinyl)



Join Kamille Louis, former partner of french duo Alberkam, for its first remix competition giving aspiring producers a chance to arise.

Now it's your turn to excite our ears! Surprise us

Genres preferred: tech-house, melodic techno, deep house, house, ambient. Not closed to anything else!

We encourage you to remix it with a maximum of creativity, by changing the tempo; composing new bass-lines, beats and leads. Your remix must not be available for download when you upload it. You decide how many of the stems you wish to use, but use at least one of them.

Your remix must be published only in Soundclound or MixCloud with downloading DISABLED. It shall be not findable anywhere else. If your remix is accepted it shall return to private and unpublished.

In order to release your remix, you will have to agree to our conditions for publication & distribution (don’t be afraid, we are fair).

Stand out amongst the crowd - LANDR is offering 1 free WAV master to give your track the professional sound it deserves before entering the competition. Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.