Elements Remixed

Track: Elements Remixed
Closing: 21 November 2019
Genres: Dubstep , Edm ,


Grand prize winner (Our favorite remix overall):
-Collaborate with BVLVNCE on a new original track, and have it released on ONE7AUDIO.
-Spotify promotional package provided by Halide Media Group halidemg.com/, which will target 5,000 + views by Pitching & Playlist 'Trading' with hundreds of curators/playlisters in order to achieve the target view amount, and guarantees 5,000 Plays Minimum ($160 Value)

1st place winner for each song:
-Remix featured on the "Elements Remixed" EP.
-Soundcloud promotional package provided by Halide Media Group halidemg.com/ which will target 1 million followers in their repost network ($50 value)

Runner up for each song:
-Featured on the ONE7AUDIO “Elements Remixed” Soundcloud page playlist.

All winners will receive some swag from ONE7AUDIO and there are more prizes to be announced!

Vapor: hypeddit.com/track/tg1p1q
Gold: hypeddit.com/track/qhcrrt
Water: hypeddit.com/track/90r87j
Gravity: hypeddit.com/track/kkovvt
Fire: hypeddit.com/track/izys9t
VantaBlvck: hypeddit.com/track/loxuf0
Electrons: hypeddit.com/track/nbt7sj


Vapor – D Minor / 93

Gold – B Minor / 145

Water – A Minor / 132

Gravity – C Minor / 123

Fire – A Minor / 128

VantaBlvck - A Major / 100

Electrons – A Flat Major / 150

Calling all producers and remixers! Now is your chance to remix a track by BVLVNCE off the "Elements" EP. BVLVNCE and ONE7AUDIO want to hear your twist on one of these amazing songs, and your remix might be featured on the "Elements Remixed" EP, being released by ONE7AUDIO on 12/7/19, which is the one year anniversary of the "Elements" EP release!

All EDM genres will be accepted, but we are mainly looking for bass music remixes eg. Breakbeat, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Bass House, G-House, Electro House, UK Bass, UK Garage, and other Heavy Bass Music. The contest is open to anyone in the world, and will run from 10/21/19 through 11/21/19. When you’re finished with your remix upload a private track on Soundcloud and send ONE7AUDIO a message with your remix attached. Please use the hashtag Elements Remixed when posting your remix. Thanks, and good luck!

Remix pack

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