Don't Fail Me Now Remix Contest

Track: VICKTOR - Don't Fail Me Now
Closing: 26 July 2020
Genres: Edm , Dance ,


There will be 5 winners total. The grand prize winner gets consideration for a collab with Vicktor + signed merchandise! We will support the winners with distribution of their remix on all platforms, becoming a part of "Don't Fail Me Now (Remixes Vol. 2)".


This is the first remix competition of vicktormusic.


1. Make sure to use an active email as this is how we will contact you if you're one of the contest winners.

2. Remixes will be judged according to originality and diversity. We are looking for uniqueness and creativity.

3. Send your remixes to

4. Post a link to your remix (public SoundCloud link or YouTube video) in the comments of the original song. That's the best way to make sure we don't miss your remix and it will allow more people to find and listen to your work.

We will make sure to check your (link) comments here:
- SoundCloud:
- Youtube:

Please understand that anything you send, you have all rights to it. With that being said, make sure all samples you may use are cleared or are royalty free.

Do not make your remix a free download (please) until the winners announcement.

We will be personally reviewing each and everyone's remix, so do your absolute best! We look forward to hear what you guys have :)

Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
For complete information of remix event visit this website