Beyond 5D Remix contest 2017

Track: stormcellar - Sail Away
Closing: 31 January 2018
Genres: Acoustic , Chillout ,


US$100 and US$75, plus release and appropriate credit.



Remix one of our songs, because experimenting is part of what we dig about music.

This song is called 'Sail away' from a multimedia project called 5D.

The song is here

What we think we like: Massive Attack; Blue Lines, Teardrop.

What we might like: Something we didn't think of here.


1. Be over 18
2. License to use the supplied stems is ONLY provided for this remix comp, not for any other purpose. All rights reserved.
3. Only use our stems + stuff you have copyright to, or that's gonna be cool for us to re-use when we publish it/put it on youtube/itunes or whatever platforms we use. If you submit something you are saying 'it's ok for you to use and it's legal and copyright free for any purpose'
4. Winner will decided by the band going 'oh man that's cool' and voting on it. Also we might ask some of our online friends. We may also divine it from the entrails of a Kinder Surprise, through variations in the rate of atomic decay in a piece of fruit, or other variables as yet unknown to humanity or science.