Between The Shadows Remixes

Track: Muhamed Sherief - Between The Shadows (Original Mix)
Closing: 19 December 2019
Genres: Edm , Trance ,


-The First winner will have permenant contract from our side + 50% Royality + Artist Management Contract

-The Second one will have permeant contract from our side + 25% Royality + Artist Management Contract

-The Third one will have have permeant contract from our side + 25% Royality

- The Remaining will be promoted also and share the valuable tracks without releaseing


Muhamed Sherief is playing with some melodies while he was lost between the shadows. He is telling us what he did in his journey and how it was affected on him.
Release Date: 19th Dec 2019

Competition Rules:
- You should be 18+

- All geners are acceptable

- Steams has copyright your not allowed to use it on your own tracks

- The Remixes should be uploaded 16 or 24 bit wav sample 44.1Khzon soundcloud public with name "Muhamed Sherief - Between The Shadows ("Artiist Name" Remix)" then send us the link through our email or send us the link through message on our page

- The Remixes will be winner by voting through poll

- Then at 19th Dec the winners will be asked to send the wav files for releasing.

Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
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