Moshé Galactik

Moshé Galactik

There is not so long ago, in a galaxy not very far away, Moshe Galactik also decided to put their hands in the dough and give his vision of Techno. Music lover since his childhood, he always wanted to play an instrument, and one day, the software has begun to fill this gap because there was neither the place nor the budget for something else. This is where the musical journey really starts for him, around 2005.

About Moshé Galactik

Today, after many experiments, that since 2013 the young producer started a "based Techno" project. Far from wanting to comply cleavage of electronic styles, it simply seeks to enrich a regular Kick, with different colors, different origins and different backgrounds. As many he was DJ first, he will officiate for Clubs, Pubs and Soundsystems, discovering the many facets of the Electronic movement.

But it remains deeply inspired by acoustic music, technique and nuance that can offer Jazz or Classic as well as the power and poetry we can clearly distinguish in Metal or Hip-Hop. It is also a fan of Movies and Video Games, high places of inspiration and many of its pieces are tributes. After several years of musical selections in both underground and in the general, Moshe decided to learn music theory to prepare its parts. Attention to detail, research groove, efficiency melodies and sound work are his weapons to advance in the Technoïd Jungle.

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Studio equipment Moshé Galactik

  • Headphones: AKG K181DJ
  • Speaker: Event TR18XL
  • Computeur: Toshiba Qosmio
  • Hardware: SPL Crimson, M-Audio Axiom 61, Nanokontrol x2
  • Soundcard: Motu hybride ultralight
  • Daw Software: Ableton Suite 9.6
  • VST's/Plugin's:Massive, Sylenth, Kontakt, Addictive Drums // Waves, Voxengo, Izotope, Amplitube

Album & Ep Releases

  • 2016: Cosmotalents Vol.1 - Cosmofunk Records
  • 2016 : Dol Guldur EP - Destination Skyline
  • 2015: Cleopatre EP - Cosmofunk Record
  • 2015: Straight ! - House of House Records
  • 2015 : Global Techno 7 - Music is the Answer



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