Morgan Williw


Morgan Willis is a French producer of electronic music and the author of three albums and many singles released on different labels ( Basics Avenue , Manza Rec , In Rec, EGC…).

Morgan Willis

DJ and remixer, Morgan Willis is also known for his live performances in south of France. Co-founder and principal manager of the Basics Avenue ( ) label, he is an active member of the duo Urban Masters and the Franco-Quebecois trio Axelvice with whom he produced the album Outrun Europa in September 2014.

Heavily influenced by the cinema of the eighties, his style subtly unites House underground, Electro/funk and Synthwave.

He is also known for several Techno and Tech House signatures under the pseudonym NOOBZ.

Morgan Willis home studio

  • Headphones: Bose Q25
  • Studio monitors: KRK VXT-6
  • Computeur: Macbook pro
  • Hardware: Maschine , Apc 40 , Mpc 1000 , Microkorg , Talbox Rocktron Banshee , Yamaha DX 100 , Samson Graphite 49, Guitar Vantage
  • Soundcard: Edirol
  • Daw Software: Ableton Live 8 Air +
  • VST/PLUGIN: Maschine , Electrax , Gladiator , Sylenth1 , Alchemy, Analog Factory , Discovery Pro , Guitar Rig , Kontakt , Reaktor 5 , Turnado , Voxengo, Izotope Ozone

Album & Ep Releases

  • 04-11-2013: The touch
  • 06-12-2012: Algorithme
  • 27-02-2012: Science Fiction
  • 10-06-2013 : Zoo Kluub Panda



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