about Houseguard


Houseguard is a young french emerging producer on the electronic music scene. He started music at 14 years. Influenced by many artists like Daft Punk, Arno Cost or the famous Axwell, most of time he directs his compositions to a progressive house style but he loves many other music style, with a very open mind.


Passionate about music and self-taught, he improved his technic over the years. He signed his first contract with a record label in 2014 at 18 years old. Following this, he is fully involved in music. He makes a lot of productions, most of time 'private production' for his own pleasure.

Since, it multiplies projects and collaborations with various artists in various music style.

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studio equipment Houseguard

  • Headphones: Pioneer HDJ-500
  • Studio monitors:JBL LSR305
  • Computeur: Macbook pro
  • Hardware: M-Audio Oxygen49
  • Soundcard: Focustrite
  • Daw Software: Logic Pro 9
  • VST/PLUGIN: Sylenth1, Serum, Spire, Waves, Izotope Alloy 2, Ozone, Oxford

Album & Ep Releases

  • 2015: Midnight
  • 2014: Exodus
  • 2014: Space Horizon



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