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Pierre Bonaventura better known under his scene name Oovation, as diplomed audio visual designer he is offering his expertise in audio mastering through Kreasound. The formula and the process are very simple. You just have to send your mix via Wetransfer to the following e-mail : mastering[at]kreasound.com , by adding your name and phone number.

After reception and listening of your mix, you will be contacted to discuss your project ! Pierre Bonaventura is available and open-minded, listening to your desires. He put into operation his skills and knowledge in addition of human dimension, often overlooked in the field of online mastering.




Please send me your files at a minimum of 44.1khz, 24bit, aiff or wav.

Turn off all mastering plugins. NO LIMITER on the pre master.

Leave at least -6db headroom on every file. If you have a particular sound you wish to capture, please send me a reference file.



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