Disturbed traxx

Disturbed traxx

Electro / Techno producer since 2000. He released his first self-produced tribe track in 2009 on his label "Rotation Sonore". He then slows down the BPM to enrich his tracks in a Electro-Techno flavor.

About disturbed traxx

In 2010, he produced "like rockstar" on the label "Mystic Record" which he created in collaboration with AssShaker and Rykkk. He then signed on to multiple labels; TRACKER(Audiogenik), CHAPATI EXPRESS, JUNKY ROBOT, PHYSICAL REC, LYA2007REC, IMPULSE REC.

This artist became, in no time, an unavoidable performer/producer/composer of France; spreading the groove of his fattest and dirtiest leads. They are directly injected onto the dance floor with sounds as powerful as they are harmonious.

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studio equipment disturbed-traxx

  • Headphones: beats studio & beats pro
  • Speaker: yamaha hs7 / Sub prodipe 10
  • Computeur: iMac 21' 2x3,2 gh
  • Hardware: audio axium, Vt3 Roland, Drive master Marshall, Metalzone boss, omox xbass, Comp dbx 266
  • Soundcard: Motu hybride ultralight
  • Daw Software: Ableton live 9.5 + max for live
  • VST's/Plugin's:wave bundle , melda production total bundle, Fabfilter total bundle, serum, sylenth 1, massive, arturia

Album & Ep Releases

  • 2013: Chapati Express 51 ‎(12")
  • 2012 : Chapati Express 45 ‎(12")
  • 2011: Chapati Express 043
  • 2011: Disturbed Traxx / Rykkk's - Rockstars ‎(12", EP)
  • 2011 : DJ Rykk's & Disturbed Traxx - Like Rockstars / Andromed ‎(12")



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