about Ben 9mm


Founder of the labels 9mm, Hangover and Analog Replicant, Ben has released more than 30 records and remixes between 2003 and 2011 also collaborating with notorious labels such as Astrofonik, Le Diable Au Corps, Nazard Bazard and Senseless records.

about Ben 9mm

Known for his Livesets made of pure Hardtek, Ben playd at numerous clubs, raves and parties in Europe Headlinig evants alongside some of the biggest DJs and producers including Lenny Dee, Dave the drummer, Hellfish & Producer, Radium, Narkotek, Sound Conspiracy and Heretik.

He moved from Paris to London in 2009 where he is actually runnig a rcording studio and still producing Hardtek tracks but also more recently making Hip-Hop beats for Jam Baxter / Dirty Dike (Contact Play), Bahia, Pandra (CandyCash) and many more .

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studio equipment ben9mm

  • Headphones: DT 990 Pro
  • Studio monitors: Alesis M1 Mk2
  • Computeur: Macbook pro
  • Hardware: Waldorf Microwave XT, Roland R8 mkII, Roland Mc505, Akai S2000
  • Soundcard: Focustrite
  • Daw Software: Ableton Live 9
  • VST/PLUGIN: Massive, Waves platinum bundle, Izotope Ozone, D16 Decimator

Album & Ep Releases

  • 2011: Astrology 12
  • 2009: Analog Replicant 06
  • 2008: Hangover 01
  • 2006 : Nazdar bazard 01
  • 2005 : 9mm04
  • 2004 : Le diable au core 02



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