Landr: instant mastering

Kreasound and LANDR are teaming up to bring you instant mastering

Landr Mastering

To help you finish your music with the sound it deserves, we’ve partnered with LANDR, the only instant audio mastering service.

Using its highly-adaptable artificial intelligence engine, LANDR has mastered over 3 million tracks for musicians worldwide. Tailored to each track’s production style and genre, it applies a custom set of adaptive tools to give tracks the unique treatment they deserve. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your track into LANDR's platform, and within minutes, receive a free 30 second "before and after" preview, and an option to purchase your master in various format options starting at just $1.99.


As an exclusive offer for all Kreasound users, LANDR is offering 1 free 16 bit WAV.

  Free E-mastering by Landr

Have a question or comment? Feel free to reach out to They’re always happy to help!



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