LANDR has evolved

Say Hello to Lydian.

Landr Mastering

For over 3 years, LANDR Instant Mastering has been listening to feedback from their 1 million users and crushing over 3.6 million tracks worth of big data. Throughout it all, LANDR’s A.I. has learnt a lot from the diversity of user creations.

Now, it’s ready to give you something back.

Their new Lydian engine has some massive improvements and is better than ever at taking on the delicate details for acoustic instruments for film score composers, classical, jazz and folk creators.

Here's the tech:

  • -Better transients
  • -All processors are upgraded
  • -Stereo imaging improvements
  • -Major upgrades to signal path integrity
  • -Better stereo imaging, phase and general imaging
  • -In-depth research into acoustic/classical handling

As an exclusive offer for all Kreasound users, LANDR is offering 2 free WAV masters.

Free E-mastering by Landr

Have a question or comment? Feel free to reach out to They’re always happy to help!



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