Kreasound’s five tips for a well-organised remix competition

1. Before starting a remix contest, be sure of the quality of the track to be remixed. Don’t create a remix contest if you’re starting out and you just want your music to be heard. N.B. The most sought after remix contests are those with an “a cappella” vocal stem.

2. Pay special attention to your visual image as that’s what makes the first impression. Just like for films, it’s the poster that creates the initial interest (or not!). Kreasound suggests including your track cover image in the stems pack.

3. Don’t forget to indicate the BPM and the track’s musical key. This can save a lot of time for the remixers!

4. No need to write a book! Write a short description of your group and of the rules so that they’re easy to understand. Use simple words to captivate, and short phrases to maintain the rhythm.

5. Be prepared to offer substantial rewards. The most common and appealing prizes are, in descending order of importance: money, musical and recording equipment, release of the remixes in physical or digital form, and the promotion of the remixed track. More and more, artists are proposing personal encounters, in either the real or the virtual world. The offer of sharing a winning remix on social networks will only be tempting to others if you’re famous!



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