Kreasound’s five tips for a well-organised remix competition

1. Before starting a remix contest, be sure of the quality of the track to be remixed. Don’t create a remix contest if you’re starting out and you...

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TSDJ : Ulule project

We are Dany and Seb, passionate by electronic music and fashion, we had the idea to create our brand after several events and meetings with great...

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Landr: instant mastering

Kreasound and LANDR are teaming up to bring you instant mastering To help you finish your music with the sound it deserves, we’ve partnered...

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Ben9mm - Hardtek free samples

what's inside ? The samples in this pack are from Ben9mm's personal archives acumulated over the years including his very own kick...

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Free Ableton Live Packs 001

what's inside ? Samples from Rave-O-Lution 309 & Groovebox MC303, thru Manley Labs Variable Mu and SPL Vitalizer MK2-T. Sharing by...

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Dorian Parano feat Noisebuilder Remix Competition

For the release of the 1st album Dorian Parano BLOOD PARTY Kreasound, D16, LANDR, WAVO and Formule Records have teamed up for a remix contest...

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Disturbed Traxx - Remix Contest

PRIZE 1st: Total Bundle (€599) & Ableton Live Project 2nd: Classic Boxes (€299) & Ableton Live Project 3rd:...

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NEW EP SOPHONIC - Point of Entry

« Point of Entry », perfect name for the first piece of this EP, fully translates Sophonic’s artistic diversity.The artist shows his ability to mix...

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Kreasound & D16 Original Track Contest

PRIZE 1st: Total Bundle (€599) 2nd: Classic Boxes (€299) 3rd: SilverLine (€179) 4th to 10th: One plugin from the...

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